A restaurant with a hands-on!

The history of Trattoria al Sole is not much different from the one of other restauronts born in the sixties. Bruno and Rita in1968, when they were engaged (married a year later) decided to open an inn in a house of the church of San Rocco. At that time there was a bar, but they enlarged and they shared the space for catering, serving only a few and simple dishes: tripe, "polenta" (made from cornmeal) with salami like you could and a tipical dish called “Rame” (tree branch). A detail of the period: at that time they could only sell wine at Christmas, Easter and other “holidays”, for the rest of the year they could only sell soft drinks and pasties. Time passes and in the mid-seventies, business grows because the kitchen starts to prepare wedding lunches/dinners for large groups. In 1994,Rita and Bruno's daughter, Rossella, married Enzo, who at that time worked as a cook in Verona. A new generation takes over, Enzo in the kithen an Rossella in the dining room; but Rita did not give up, the kithen is her life and you can see looking at her sweet smile when she talks about her best dishes or she makes hand made pasta and meringue.

Trattoria Al Sole via Monti Lessini, 38 - 37020 Marano di Valpolicella (VR) | tel. 045 77 55 000 | info@trattorialasole.it