The main dishes

Trattoria al Sole's main dishes slightly change depending on the season and, over time, they adapt to changing tastes. Despite the changes, homemade pasta – nowadays "Tagliatelle" with ragù (meat sauce) and "Tortelloni" with ricotta and spinach, one "Pappardelle" (very broad fettuccine) with mushrooms or in broth – and grilled meat, cooked on a real fireplace, Enzo's pride.
Do not forget the risotto and braised in Amarone wine, tagliolini with guinea fowl's breast and starters with local salami, fried dumplings and polenta with mushrooms. And if Rita is good in making parfait and meringue, Enzo is just as good as making mille-feuille. Moreover, as Rita says: “Cakes are always appreciated because they are very tempting”.


Trattoria Al Sole via Monti Lessini, 38 - 37020 Marano di Valpolicella (VR) | tel. 045 77 55 000 |