The seasonal menu: for Spring and Summer

Spring starts with dishes of artichokes and asparagus. So Rita proposes to “refresh” the palate with delicate herb risotto, spinach, wild asparagus and artichokes: simple tastes, as clear as the eyes of a child who begins to smile at the world's colours. For the second dish, inevitably a nice steak on the grill: a bit of salt and nothing more! To wet your appetite an Italian starter, with fried dumplings and salami ... prelude to Easter!



Cold cuts

Creamed corn with mushrooms and cheese Vezzena (in Winter)

Fried dumplings and salami

Soppressa salamata on polenta cooked on the grill


Sliced beef (cooked on the grill) with rocket and parmesan

Sliced beef (cooked on the grill) with truffles and Parmesan

Sliced beef (cooked on the grill) with balsamic vinegar and Parmesan

Sirloin steak cooked on the grill

Lamb chops cooked on the grill


Amarone Braised beef with polenta

Sliced beef (cooked on pot)

Roast beef with lemon

Roast beef with truffle and Parmesan

Roast beef with rocket and parmesan

Veal with tuna sauce (in Summer)

Processed cheese with truffles


Tagliolini with guinea fowl's breast, chestnuts, pumpkin and truffle

Pappardelle with mushrooms

Tortelloni with ricotta and spinach

Fettuccine with meat sauce

Bigoli sauce with spicy peppers

Trio of first


Vegetables in season, roasted and raw


Amaretto parfait garnished with dark chocolate

Meringue marron glacé

Meringue with berries

Mille-feuille (on demand)

Grandma's Cake

Lemon cake


Yogurt ice cream with hot berries

White Truffle

Black Truffle

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